Are Canopy Beds Out of Style? Is It Outdated?

Published April 28th, 2022 by Allen Campbell

Are canopy beds out of style

Canopy beds have been a popular choice for bedrooms for centuries. They provide a sense of luxury and a comfy environment. However, recent reports suggest that canopy beds may be out of style, with people preferring more modern designs. 

Some people say that canopy beds are outdated and no longer in style. There are also some leads that shows canopy beds are still popular and can be very elegant in a bedroom set. So, what is the truth? 

Are canopy beds out of style? Not actually, canopy beds are not out of style. They have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past few years. Canopy beds add a touch of elegance and romance to any bedroom, and they are very versatile. Canopy beds can be traditional or modern, depending on your taste. They can add a more attractive look to your room with enough ceiling height. (According to my perspectives)

In this blog post, I’ve covered some in-depth details about the canopy beds. After reading the whole article, you’ll be able to conclude whether or not the canopy beds are out of style.

Are Canopy Beds Out of Style?: Summary

What Are the Pros and Cons of Canopy Beds?

Canopy beds and boho canopies are a perfect way to add a feel of premium look with luxury style to your bedroom. Especially, canopy beds are best for both seasons. Whether you use them in winter or summer, a canopy bed will give you a comfortable temperature. However, including advantages, there are some cons that you must know before deciding whether the canopy bed is out of style. 

Pros - Things I Like


Canopy beds can provide you with extra privacy. You don’t want to live openly, especially when you are a couple. That’s why a privacy wall should be there to keep you private from others. 

Pleasant Environment

The canopy of a bed can create a more pleasant environment for sleep. Feels like a premium bedroom and luxury, creating a more relaxed space.

Comfortable Sleep

Canopy beds can be very cozy and inviting. They often have luxurious fabrics and soft pillows, making them extremely comfortable.

Protections Against Bug Bites

If you live in an area with many insects, a canopy bed can offer protection against them while you sleep. The canopy material will keep bugs away from you through the fabric.

Plenty of Style Options

You can find canopy beds made with different types of material like wood, metal, fabric, flexible rubber, and there are many other style options available. So, here is a chance to make your room more beautiful and find a canopy that matches your room’s color theme. 


If you are innovative, you might have a unique idea to decorate your bedroom. For that, you can customize the canopy bed as per your wish. This will allow you to choose the exact materials, design, and even color that you want for your bed.

Cons - Things I Don't Like


Canopy beds are not for all. They usually come with a high price tag. So, you must look at your budget and find one that is cheap yet stylish. 

Prone to Dust

Because canopy beds have a lot of fabric, they can be prone to dust. If you have allergies, this may not be the best option.

Not Ideal for Small Spaces

A canopy bed may not be the best option if you have a small bedroom because it can take up many spaces. Canopy beds are usually larger than regular beds, so they may not fit well in a smaller room.

Need to Clean Them Often

Because of the amount of fabric, you may need to clean your canopy bed more often than a regular bed. This means that you will need to take the time to vacuum and dust it regularly.

Summary: Overall, canopy beds can be a great addition to your bedroom. However, you can decide based on the pros and cons. Consider your budget, the size of your bedroom, and whether you have young children before deciding if a canopy bed is right for you.

10 Ways to Modernize a Canopy Bed?

There are a few ways you can modernize a canopy bed. 

  1. One way is to experiment with different fabric choices. 
  2. Instead of heavy drapes, you could use lighter linen or sheer cotton materials. 
  3. You could also add patterned or colored fabrics to give the bed a more contemporary look.
  4. Another way to modernize the look of a canopy bed is to change the hardware. 
  5. Opt for clean-lined metal hardware in a finish that coordinates with your other décor. 
  6. You can update the overall style of the bed by choosing sleeker, more modern lines. 
  7. Look for canopy beds made from wood or metal instead of traditional four-poster beds.
  8. Paint the bed frame and possibly the canopy itself in a sleek, modern color.
  9. Drape the canopy with fabric in a contemporary print or solid. 
  10. Replace traditional beds with modern throws, pillows, and lamps will also help to create a more contemporary look. 

Why Should I Consider a Canopy Bed?

Canopy beds are a beautiful addition to any bedroom and can add an air of elegance and luxury. So, below are some reasons that will help you in understanding better:

  1. Canopy beds add height and dimension to a room.
  2. They can create a sense of intimacy in a room.
  3. Having a canopy bed make a room feels premium.
  4. They’re often associated with romance and luxury.

Are Canopy Beds Still in Style Even During These Times?

In 2022, It looks like canopy beds may be on their way out. While canopy beds can add a touch of elegance to any bedroom, they’re often seen as being too formal for today’s casual lifestyle. Many people still love canopy beds and don’t leave their bedrooms without canopy beds. So, as a result, canopy beds may continue to be popular in 2022.

What is the Difference Between Canopy Bed and a Four-Poster Bed?

A canopy bed is a bed with four posts that owners can drape fabric around to create a private, cozy space. On the other hand, a four-poster bed is simply a bed with four posts. Although some models have this option, the canopy feature is not always present on a four-poster bed.


Now, you can guess, are canopy beds out of style or not. According to my overview, canopy beds can still make a beautiful and unique addition to any bedroom. If you’re thinking of adding a canopy bed to your home, do your research and find one that will fit your style and space. 

In contrast, if you decide against a canopy bed, don’t worry. There are plenty of other stylish and comfortable options to décor your bedroom.

Final Note: If you are considering purchasing a canopy bed for your home, be sure to choose one that is well-made and fits the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

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