Best Soccer Tents for Moms

Published June 20th, 2022 by Allen Campbell

best soccer tents for moms

Have you ever gone to a soccer game and been so excited to watch your little one play, but then found yourself stuck in the sun with no shade? Or maybe it’s starting to get chilly in the evening and you don’t want to pack up all of your things and leave early. Well, have no fear! We have selected the best soccer tents for moms just like you.

The lightweight and portable design of these tents make them ideal for taking on all sorts of adventures including soccer. Not only are they great for soccer games, but they can also come in handy at the beach, picnics, and any other outdoor activity where you might need a little extra protection from the elements.

Best Soccer Tents for Moms: Summary

1. Net World Sports Portable Multi-Sport Team Shelters

10+ Reviews

Our first choice is the Net World Sports Portable Multi-Sport Team Shelter which is our top best soccer tent picks for moms and also players. 

This soccer tent frame is made of high-quality steel and is designed to last for years. The powder coated frame protects the whole structure against corrosion and rusting. The tent fabric is made of top grade polyester which is 100% waterproof and weather resistant.

Installing Net World Sports Tent is very easy and simple. With the steel frame connected together and elasticated cables, it only takes a few minutes to set up. You can also disassemble just as easily and store it away until the next match.

This tent is perfect for any weather condition as It is made with a durable and waterproof material. It also has a UV protection against harsh sun rays, which makes it great to use all year round. This tent is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable and well-made tent that can withstand any weather condition.

The tent comes with 8 foldable seats for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Every seat is made with long lasting and durable aluminum material that can handle a good amount of weight.

2. Coleman 7x7 Go Shade Backpack Sun Shade

45+ Reviews

This Coleman sun shade is one of the best soccer tents for moms and is perfect for those hot days when you just want to sit in the shade and watch the soccer game. It’s lightweight, so you can take it with you wherever you go and It only weighs 10.5 lbs and has a 50+ UPF rating to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Adjustable sidewalls and back walls of the tent are great for providing shade and wind protection. You can easily roll up the Coleman sun shade and secure it with the attached toggles.

You can easily set it up in just 3 simple steps:

  1. You have the poles pre-connected, it is time to assemble them.
  2. After assembling, connect the frame and attach your canopy
  3. Now it is time to stake the tent with guy lines and stakes.

This soccer tent comes with 6 heavy duty stakes, 2 guy lines and 4 sandbags in order to provide extra stability. Additionally, the carrying bag has been designed for easy transport and the adjustable straps system ensures a comfortable and custom fit. It also has mash pockets on each side of the tent, where you can store your belongings such as keys, phone, or sunscreen.

3. Rawlings NCAA Sideline Sun Shelter

15+ Reviews

The Rawlings NCAA Sideline Sun Shelter is a great choice for anyone looking for a pop-up shelter to use at sporting events. This soccer tent also has a see-through mesh panel so you can keep an eye on the game while staying cool and comfortable. The tent offers pretty good shade with 7′ Width x 3.6′ Depth x 3.6′ Height.

Additionally, the shelter has its own branded carrying bag, so you can take it to soccer games, the park, or anywhere else. 

The fabric of this soccer tent for moms is made with highly durable polyester material to provide UPF 50+ sun protection. The shelter is also water resistant, so you can use it in light rain or on dewy mornings.

You can assure that your tent will stay stable in any weather conditions with the built-in sand pockets and tent stakes. These provide ideal support for when you need to leave your tent behind for any length of time.

4. Neso Sidelines Grande Soccer Tent: 100% Recycled Stakes

35+ Reviews

Neso Sidelines Grande Soccer Tent is a game changing sun shelter and soccer tent for moms that can be staked in the ground or clipped to any object. It is lightweight, portable and provides UPF 50+ sun protection. The corners of the tent are made with a high quality Nylon/Lycra blend that provides superior durability and performance.

Moreover, the poles on this soccer tent are made of rust-proof aluminum, which makes it ideal for any outdoor activity. The tent is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best fits your style and it also protects you from the 98% sun’s harmful rays.

The Neso Sidelines Grande has patented corners and poles that make it the ultimate sun shelter. It is a popular product among soccer moms, campers, beachgoers, and surfers who want to stay protected from the elements without compromising on comfort.

Because of its lighter body, you can conveniently carry it on your shoulders without any stress.

5. FOFANA Pod All Weather Sports Tent for Soccer

550+ Reviews

The FOFANA Sports Tent is perfect for those Soccer Moms who want to watch their children play in all weather conditions. This spectator tent has plenty of legroom, so you can sit back and relax while your children play. The tent is 74″ wide x 51″ deep x 62″ tall from inside, so there is enough space for everyone.

If the rain is always a pain, why not be prepared with the FOFANA tent? This tent will keep you warm and dry, so you can enjoy the game without worrying about the weather. The fabric of this sports tent is UPF50+ UV rays protection, which means you will be secured by the harsh and harmful rays of sun.

The tent also includes transparent windows that provide a 270-degree view of your surroundings and these windows are made from a durable, transparent EVA material that will never wrinkle, fade, or crack with age. With these windows, you’ll always have a clear view of what’s happening outside your weather shelter.

Investing in a FOFANA tent is investing in quality and durability because the high-end polyester fabric and double stitching on all seams guarantees a long-lasting product. Additionally, the extra-large zippers allow for easy access and exit.

It only weighs 10 pounds, making it the lightest and most compact tent on our list, so you can take it with you wherever you go without any effort.

Best Soccer Tents for Moms: Conclusion

Soccer moms need not worry about the sun anymore while watching their children play on the field. There are a variety of soccer tents on the market to choose from so that mom can stay shaded and comfortable.

The Coleman 7×7 Go Shade Backpack Sun Shade, Net World Sports Portable Multi-Sport Team Shelters, Rawlings NCAA Sideline Sun Shelter, Neso Sidelines Grande, and FOFANA Pod All Weather Sports Tent are all great options for keeping the sun at bay. 

No matter which soccer tent you choose, make sure to take advantage of this essential piece of equipment to make the most of your soccer-watching experience.

Soccer Tents: FAQs

How long does it take to set up a soccer tent?

The time it takes to install and setup a soccer tent may vary from one to another, for instance – a pop-up tent can be easily set up by just opening and staking it down. However, a larger, family-sized soccer tent and the first pick on this top list of best soccer tents for moms takes a bit more time as you need to put in the poles and make sure everything is securely in place. 

In short, most soccer tents can be set up in 10-20 minutes with practice.

How do I know if my tent is waterproof?

You can usually tell if a tent is waterproof by checking the seams. Most of the time, waterproof tents will have taped seams. By any chance that you see tears or fraying, it would be best to invest in a new one. Another way to tell if a tent is waterproof is by checking the fabric. Water-repellent material is often tightly woven and has a smooth feel.

You can even do a test run by setting your tent up in the backyard and spraying it with a hose. If you see water seeping through, it might be time to buy a new one.

What is the best way to store my tent when I’m not using it?

The best way to store your tent is to clean it thoroughly before packing it away because this will help to prevent mildew and other moisture-related problems.

Once the tent is properly clean and dry, you should fold it up neatly and store in a cool, dry place – if possible, try to keep it in a breathable bag or container to allow for air circulation. Also, you should inspect your tent regularly for any signs of wear and tear.

I accidentally ripped my tent. Is there any way to repair it?

Firstly, you need to clean the area around the rip with soap and water because any dirt or debris could prevent the repair from adhering properly. Once the area is clean, you have a few different options for repairing the rip:

  1. For the smaller rip, apply clear packing tape to the inside and outside of the tear.
  2. For a more permanent repair, sew the rip together with a needle and thread but If you don’t have a needle and thread, you can also use duct tape. Apply it to both sides of the tear, so that it covers the tear completely.

What are some general tips for camping?

It is necessary for you to be prepared before you go camping so I got some tips for you that will help make your trip more enjoyable.

  1. You will need to have the proper gear such as a tent, sleeping bags and a camp stove are the same essentials that you will need but, don’t forget things like mosquito repellent and first-aid supplies.
  2. You will want to choose your campsite wisely and find a spot without too much debris and also set up camp at least 200 feet away from any bodies of water. 
  3. Be careful of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for things like poison oak or ivy, snakes, and other animals that could be harmful. If you’re not sure about something, you should ask a ranger or another camper and finally, make sure to tell someone where you’re going before you head out into the woods.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have an amazing time camping.

Is it possible to live in a tent?

Absolutely! In fact, there are many people who have chosen to adopt the “tent lifestyle.” Living in a tent certainly has its challenges, but it can also be a satisfying experience. If you choose to live in a tent, you’ll likely appreciate the simplicity of this lifestyle and the close connection you feel to nature.

Before you make the switch to tent living, there are some tips you need to keep in mind, you’ll need to find a good spot to pitch your tent. Make sure that the area has a plane surface and is clear of unwanted debris.

Also, your tent should be well-insulated and waterproof. Finally, be prepared for the fact that living in a tent requires a certain amount of ingenuity and resourcefulness but if you’re up for the challenge, Tent Living can be a unique and rewarding experience.

Can you survive winter in a tent?

Definitely! If you take the proper precautions, you can have a great time camping in cold weather and make sure your tent is designed for winter weather, with thick fabric and sealed seams. Invest in a good sleeping bag and some winter clothing made of synthetic materials. And always be prepared for extreme conditions by bringing extra food, water, and a first-aid kit.

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