E-Z Up Canopy Review: Should You Get This Canopy? 

Published June 4th, 2022 by Allen Campbell

EZ up canopy review

If you are going on a camp trip or want to participate in a farmer’s market fare, then the foremost accessory that you will need is a tent. A tent should not only be strong enough to withstand rain and sunlight but should also be airy enough. E-Z Up Canopy manufactures some of the best tents so, if you’re seeking a quality-wise optimal tent within a budget, you need to check out Canopy tents. 

Check out the following context to know more about which canopy tents are the best and their specifications. Here you can find a comprehensive guide on the top 3 Canopy tents from E-Z Up and by the end, you will find the ideal tent for your needs.

E-Z Up Canopy Review: Summary

3 Best E-Z Up Canopies: Detailed Review

1. Euramax Basic 10x10 E-Z Up Pop Up Canopy Tent

3700+ Reviews

The Euramax Basic 10×10 Pop Up Canopy Tent comes to be my top pick for canopy tents, thanks to its solid construction and extensive specifications. Of all the Canopy tents I have tested, Euramax Pop Up has the strongest frames, which guarantees you its sustainability and longevity. The tent has reinforced joints that can withstand sufficient pressure from the sides and the above. 

Made with polyester fabric, this tent can block 99% of the UV rays and can even be used as a shield against heavy rains. The tent also has a Thumb-slider lock system for telescoping leg locks. The quality of this lock is much better than the stereotypical thumb-button lock systems. 

Euramax is a commercial-grade tent, implying that it will be perfect for use at a farmer’s market or for other business purposes. This tent’s sleek and modern design will surely set a remarkable impression on your business. Now, as far as the space of this tent is concerned, it can easily cover up to 10 people simultaneously. 

Talking about the time duration for setting up this tent, you will be happier to acknowledge that the Euramax Basic Canopy tent is one of the easiest tents to set up. Two people can set it up within 3 minutes, while if a single person sets it up, it will take about 5 minutes. 

Though the standard color for Euramax Basic is white, it also comes in sixteen colors, which is an effort by Canopy company to allow their customers customization of their products. However, the only major complaint that customers often make is the heavyweight of this tent. The tent is not too heavy, but there are also other tents in the market that are more travel-friendly than this one. 


  • Quick set up
  • Pretty spacious
  • Adjustable height
  • Sustainable and long-lasting
  • Comes in 16 colors 
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Protects against UV rays and wind


  • Expensive 
  • Quite Heavy

Detailed Review of This Canopy Tent:

Premium Composition and Construction

The foremost aspect you need to analyze about a tent is its construction and material. Euramax Basic Pop-Up tent is made with CPAI-84 fire retardant certified polyester fabric. The fabric of this tent is fire-resistant but can also block 99% of the UV radiation. The tent is also waterproof as its stitching lines are sealed, implying that water cannot penetrate through the tent. 

Most tents are made with light ad sheer fabric that can rip off pretty easily, but this tent is different. The durability of this tent comes from the fact that it is made with two layers of fabric, which are so tightly integrated and stitched, that you won’t even notice its double layer.

But the part I loved most about this tent was its telescoping legs. Most telescopes have fixed legs whose height cannot be adjusted, but this tent is quite different from them. You can change the height of the telescoping legs on three different levels and thus customize the tent’s height according to your needs. However, it should be considered that the tent’s maximum height is 11.1 feet, and you cannot adjust it higher than that.

Thumb-Lock Slider System

The functionality of a tent is determined by its ability to remain firm on the ground. If a tent is not strong enough to hold onto the ground against wind or rain, it will have zero functionality, no matter how aptly the tent is constructed. However, fortunately, the Euramax Pop Up’s base has strong manufacturing, which makes it resistant to storms, heavy winds, and even rain. 

The tent features a Thum-Lock Slider system that is stronger than basic levers and is also easier to use. The spring lock system automatically locks up during the setup, and you can control it with a single hand. By pushing the spring-loaded lever, the telescoping legs of the tent can be released and adjusted on any of the three levels. 

Functional Carrying Case

Contrary to what some people think, the carrying case can impressively impact the overall functionality of the tent. Fortunately, this Canopy tent has one of the best carrying cases I have ever tested. Not only is it spacious enough to fit the tent and make it compact, but the outside of the case also has additional pockets that can aptly fit all the accessories that you can get with the tent. 

Like the tent, the carrying case is also manufactured with high-quality fabric, implying that the carrying case is also pretty sustainable and can last for a long time. Unlike other carrying cases, this one has wheels at the bottom, making it viable for you to carry the case around easily. The wheels are pretty sturdy so that the carrying case won’t trip over mud or concrete floors. 

Easy and Quick Assembling

I have tried multiple tents from different brands, but this one has the best setup process. Usually, the commercial-grade tents can take quite a lot of time to set up the tent, but this one is utterly different from those kinds. With its easy-to-use spring lever locks, you can set up the tent within a few minutes. 


I would suggest this tent to anyone who wants a premium-quality tent that should also be spacious enough. Besides commercial purposes, this Canopy tent can also be taken on trips and camps, as its carrying case is also pretty travel-friendly.

2. E-Z Up Pyramid Instant Shelter Canopy Tent

500+ Reviews

If you are on a short budget but want a spacious but quality-wise optimal tent, then the E-Z Pyramid Canopy tent is perfect. Like other commercial-grade tents, this one is 100 square feet wide and can cover up to 10 people at a time. But the fact that makes this canopy tent better than its competitors is that it has a sleek and airy design, making the tent appear bigger and more capacious.

The tent is made with a metal frame, and like the previous Canopy tent, it is also adjustable. Setting up this tent will be no problem because the telescoping legs come pre-assembled, and you have to spread the tent to open it up. 

The Pyramid tent is even easier to set up than the previous one as its assembling time for two people is merely around two minutes. But if one person is single-handedly setting it up, its assembling can take around three to four minutes. As far as this tent’s sustainability is concerned, you don’t need to worry as this tent comes with a three-year warranty. 

However, like the previous Canopy tent, this one is also pretty heavy. But this aspect fairly diminishes thanks to the fact that this tent comes with a roller carrying case. The case has rubber padded metal wheels at its end, which remain optimistic till they hit the uneven ground. Thus, while rolling it over the mud or bumpy ground, you must be extra careful as the case can wobble. 


  • Affordable 
  • Heightened ceiling
  • Adjustable height
  • Easier to assemble
  • Comes with a roller case
  • Available in eight colors
  • Secured with a three-year warranty


  • Heavy 
  • Wheels can wobble

Detailed Review of This Canopy Tent:

Steel Framework

The aspect that makes this tent unique from others is its steel framework. Using the steel, telescoping legs of the ten are made, which can be adjusted onto three different levels. The joints of the poles are padded by rubber, and with a minimum force on the locks, the joints can increase or decrease the height of the tent up to certain levels. 

Premium Fabric

This one is also made with 99% polyester and consists of double fabric layers like the previous tent. The sealed stitching of the fabric does not allow the water to sweep down the material and thus, makes this tent waterproof. The fabric is strongly integrated with the steel telescoping legs so that even harsh winds and storms cannot destroy its stature. 

Tents made with natural fibers are at high risk of catching fire, but since this tent is made with polyester, a synthetic fiber, it is also resistant to fire ignition. Since the tent is made with two layers of fabric, it is also damage-resistant, making it durable and perfect for long-term usage. 

Spacious Stature

Though the size of this tent is the same as the previous tent, this one appears more spacious than any of the canopy tents. The tent can cover 100 square feet of space and easily cover up to 10 people. 

However, the main reason for its spacious appearance is the tent’s sleek and airy design. At the top of the telescoping legs, the fabric is attached in a pyramid shape, which heightens the tent’s center. Though the tent is only 10.5 feet in height, the tent seems more elongated due to such design. 

Portable Carrying Case

Without a good carrying case, a tent cannot be made portable enough to carry around easily. Fortunately, E-Z Up Canopy tents come with travel-friendly carrying cases that tremendously add to the overall portability of the tent. 

E-Z Pyramid canopy tent also comes with a roller carrying case, having several pockets on the outside for carrying accessories. The case is capacious and, thus, will not damage the tent’s stature. 

However, compared to the previous tent’s accessories, I found the roller wheels of this one pretty wobbly. They work fine if you move the case across a concrete floor or road. But on bumpy or muddy roads, the functionality of this case’s roller wheels diminishes. 


Though this tent has minor drawbacks, I still classify it as one of the best E-Z Up canopy tents because it is one of the rare tents which offer an elaborative range of features at such a minimal price. 

Another Great Canopy: Coleman Instant Canopy

3700+ Reviews

My last pick for the best E-Z Up Canopy reviews is the Coleman Instant Canopy tent. I have picked this tent because it is one of the most lightweight products in the entire E-Z Up canopy range. Thanks to its aluminum alloy telescoping legs, this tent isn’t heavy and perfect for those who desire an extremely portable tent. 

Though it is light, it does not mean that it is small in size. The Coleman Canopy is a 10×10 square feet tent and can cover ten people simultaneously. Like other E-Z Up canopy tents, the height of this tent is also adjustable, and the legs can even be extended outwards to achieve additional coverage. 

E-Z Up tents are known for their beginner-friendly and quick assembly, and this tent is no different. If a single person is assembling the tent, it can take about three minutes for him to do so. But if two people are assembling the tent, then the maximum time required is only two minutes. 

The tent also comes with a case similar in quality and functionality to the other tents. However, moving this roller case is easier as the tent is lightweight. That is why the roller wheels of this carrying case do not wobble much. 


  • Affordable 
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Extended aluminum legs
  • UV protected fabric 
  • Easy to setup


  • Less sturdy than steel frame
  • Available in one color only

Detailed Review of This Canopy Tent:

Lightweight Stature

The foremost aspect that I would love to discuss is the lightweight stature of this tent. E-Z Up canopy tents are generally great functionality-wise, but most are also pretty heavy. However, the Coleman canopy tent has broken all stereotypes and can be classified as one of the most lightweight commercial-grade canopy tents from the E-Z Up range. 

The credit for this tent being lightweight owes to the aluminum-alloy frame of the tent. Aluminum is less sturdy and lighter than the steel frame, making this tent lighter than those comprising a steel or metal frame. 

However, the aluminum alloy frame does not affect the tent’s functionality. The tent’s height is still adjustable, which allows the user to customize the size of the tent according to their choice. 

Extended Space

Though most E-Z commercial grade canopy tents have almost the same set of features, this tent tops them because it is a unique feature utterly restricted to itself. Since this tent’s frame is made with aluminum alloy, therefore, to some extent, the telescoping legs of this frame are also flexible. 

You can provide a little more coverage to the tent by extending the legs of the tent outward. Though the difference isn’t huge, it can still impact the overall width of the tent. 

UV Protected Fabric

The UV radiation content has increased tremendously in the atmosphere during the past decade. UV rays are responsible for causing certain skin conditions and cancer. That is why it is the current need to restrict the approach of these rays.

Determining these requirements, this canopy tent has been made with UV-resistant fabric. Besides restricting heat and water penetration through the tent, it also blocks the UV rays and deviates them to a different path. 

Secure Locks

The last aspect that I would like to highlight about this tent is its secure locks and easy-to-use lever. Many people confuse aluminum frames with being inefficient for holding the tent. But in reality, no such thing is true for this canopy tent. 

In fact, the telescoping legs have a pretty firm hold on the ground which is further strengthened by the ropes at the side. The lock system is not only secure enough but is also easy to use and is beginner-friendly. The pinch-free Comfort Grip technology of this canopy tent ensures that you don’t pinch your hand or hurt yourself while locking or unlocking the lever. 


The Coleman Instant Canopy tent wants a premium-grade product that should be lightweight and portable. Despite having tons of features, the price of this canopy is much more affordable than other ones in the range. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are E-Z Up Canopy tents expensive?

The E-Z Up canopy tents are pretty diverse in their price range. Not only can you find expensive luxury E-Z Up products, but there are also some affordable options available in their brand.

Are E-Z Canopy tents waterproof?

All the E-Z Up canopies are made with premium-grade Polyester, which is UV-protected and does not allow water penetration. Therefore, no matter if there is rain or storm, the water won’t sweep down the tent. 

Final Recommendation

Here I conclude my E-Z Up canopy reviews for the top three canopy tents. Now, it depends upon your choice which tent is perfect for your needs. If you want a luxury commercial tent, then opt for Euramax Basic. But if portability is your ultimate need, then the Coleman canopy is the right choice.

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