Easygo Cabana vs Cool Cabana: Which Beach Canopy is Better?

Published December 18th, 2022 by Allen Campbell

easygo cabana vs cool cabana which beach canopy is better

Are you in the market for a beach canopy to shield yourself from the sun’s fierce rays? If so, there are two popular options that come to mind: Easygo Cabana vs Cool Cabana. Both have their advantages and disadvantages—but which beach canopy comes out on top? 

This post will give a detailed comparison of both the Easygo Cabana vs Cool Cabana, including differences in design, material, setup ease and price. With this information at your fingertips, hopefully you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which beach canopy best meets your needs!

Easygo Beach Canopy

Easygo Cabana Canopy Tent

Beach Cabana from Easygo that is lightweight and easy to carry. Also has a good degree of UV protection, perfect to use when going to the beach.

2700+ Reviews
CoolCabanas Beach Canopy

CoolCabanas Beach Canopy

CoolCabanas beach canopy is a great canopy tent to use when you want to enjoy the beach without getting sunburnt. Easy to setup and carry.

550+ Reviews

Easygo Cabana vs Cool Cabana: Which Beach Canopy is Better?: Summary

Easygo Cabana Beach Canopy vs CoolCabanas Beach Canopy

Easygo Beach Canopy
CoolCabanas Beach Canopy

Sidewall Comparison

Easygo Cabana has one sidewall included, while Cool Cabana doesn’t include any. This is great for those who want extra sun protection, but not ideal if you need a beach canopy that can be partially open on one side. The single sidewall of Easygo Cabana also has venting for added airflow in the bottom portion that acts as a mini window.

Weight Comparison

Cool Cabana is heavier than Easygo Cabana, weighing in at 14.82 lbs versus 12 lbs. However, the Cool Cabana has a reinforced frame to help withstand higher winds and inclement weather, making it well-suited for beach trips on windy days. I think it is very important to consider the weight of a canopy before buying it, as it could make all the difference in carrying and setting up your canopy. However, both options are close in weight, so it really comes down to what the individual prefers.

Setup Comparison

Both Easygo Cabana and Cool Cabana have easy setup processes due to their pop-up frames. Easygo Cabana sets up in less than a minute, while Cool Cabana also has a quick setup process with minimal effort required. This makes both beach canopies great options for people who want to quickly set up their canopy and get back to enjoying the beach. Popping up the center pole and filling the corners pocket with sand is all you need to do!

Price Comparison

Easygo Cabana has a lower price point than Cool Cabana. Easygo Cabana sells for $67.49, while Cool Cabana sells for $189. The price difference is quite significant, and obviously will play a factor in which canopy someone decides to purchase. However, I believe it’s important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Cool Cabana may cost more due to its reinforced frame, but this could be worth the extra money if you plan on using your beach canopy in extreme weather conditions.

Roof Vent comparison

The roof vent is very crucial if you’re looking to have a comfortable time under the beach canopy. Easygo Cabana has a patented venting system on roof which helps with airflow and keeps the canopy cool in hot summer days. On the other hand, Cool Cabana does have roof vent but it’s not much effective as that of Easygo Cabana.

Color Comparison

Easygo Cabana has 4 different pattern options to choose from, which can add a nice touch of personality and style to your beach day. Cool Cabana only have 2 color options, so the choice is much more limited when it comes to creating a fun beach look. Without a doubt, Easygo Cabana has the upper hand in terms of color options.

Portability Comparison

Portability is always an important factor to consider when purchasing beach gear. Both of these canopies are easy to transport, as they both come with convenient travel bags. Easygo Cabana and Cool Cabana weight the approximately the same, so it really comes down to what you prefer. Both comes with a convenient strap to make carrying easier, so it’s really a matter of personal preference.

Waterproof Comparison

Both of the companies claim that their beach canopies are waterproof, so it is hard to compare which one is better. However, when looking at customer reviews, Easygo Cabana appears to be the more reliable option in terms of staying dry during rain showers and storms. So, if you’re looking for a more reliable option, Easygo Cabana is probably your best bet.

UV Protection Comparison

Both of them provide sun protection, with Easygo Cabana offering UPF 50+ and Cool Cabana providing UPF 50+. This makes it a tie when it comes to UV protection, as both canopies offer the same level of coverage. However, Easygo Cabana provides additional features such as the venting system that may provide more relief from the sun’s heat. Also, the single sidewall of Easygo Cabana provides more shade and therefore, more protection from the sun.

Amazon Rating Comparison

Both Easygo Cabana and Cool Cabana have great Amazon ratings, with Easygo Cabana receiving 4.4 stars out of 5 and Cool Cabana receiving 4.8 stars out of 5. But there is huge difference in the number of customer reviews, Easygo Cabana has over 2500 ratings while Cool Cabana has around 500 reviews. So this gives an advantage to Easygo Cabana in terms of Amazon rating comparison.

Easygo Cabana vs CoolCabana: Bottom Line

Overall, Easygo Cabana and Cool Cabana are both great beach canopies that have different features to offer. Depending on your needs, one of them may be a better fit for you than the other. If price is an important factor, I would recommend Easygo Cabana as it’s significantly cheaper than its counterpart. 

Both canopies are lightweight and portable, so it really comes down to what you prefer in terms of set up time and color options. The waterproof option also makes a difference if you plan on using the canopy during rain or storms. 

Lastly, both provide the same level of UV protection but Easygo Cabana offers additional features that make it stand out from the competition. Ultimately, it’s all a matter of personal preference – so make sure to consider all the factors before making your decision! Good luck and happy shopping!


Are CoolCabanas good in wind?

CoolCabanas are the must-have beach accessory for windy days! Not only do they draw eyes with their bright, fun designs, but they also provide you with an oasis of peace on a gusty day. With its sturdy center pole and 4 corner sand pockets, you can relax in comfort while your cabana takes the heat (or is it wind?) off your shoulders. 

Forget blowing away your day – CoolCabanas were built to withstand any brimstone that Mother Nature throws your way. So make sure to bring one along next time you brave the beach or anywhere else where weather is unpredictable. Its lightweight package packs a big punch when it comes to fighting winds!

Is a beach canopy or umbrella better?

Going to the beach is great, but deciding between a beach canopy or umbrella can be tough. After all, you want something that will keep the sun from roasting you like a lobster. For those unwilling to invest in a metal beach shelter with sides, the basic decision comes down to an umbrella or canopy. 

Despite both options being lightweight and portable, one is capable of accommodating your entire family, while the other can produce shade for just one person – if there’s a strong enough wind it won’t stay put even then! Beach umbrellas do have their perks though; if space is limited or desired portability is important they’re definitely your best bet. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make an informed decision based on your own needs and preferences while keeping an eye out for any rogue winds this summer!

What type of canopy is best for the beach?

If you’re planning a beach trip, one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll bring with you is a canopy. With so many different types available, it can be hard to decide which one is best for the beach. 

Let’s face it – nobody wants a canopy that collapses as soon as a wave splashes against it! You want one that will stay firmly in place and offer good protection from the wind and sun throughout your day at the beach. The best option is an instant-set-up canopy that uses pointed stakes anchored into the sand instead of the more traditional pop up style. 

These are popular because they’ll hold up well even in strong winds while also allowing air to circulate, helping to keep you and your friends cool on hot summer days. Variety isn’t a problem either – these canopies come in multiple colors, making sure you stand out during your day at the beach!

How big is a large CoolCabana?

CoolCabanas are sure to impress: a large CoolCabana measures 8’x8′ so it’s big enough to comfortably fit four friends or two beach chairs and an armful of toys. In other words, you’ll feel like royalty under the shade of your CoolCabana. Plus, you can always add the optional side walls for extra privacy and protection from the wind. So get ready to enjoy some much deserved rest and relaxation!

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