How to Make a Canopy Tent at Home (DIY Canopy Tent)

Published May 28th, 2022 by Allen Campbell

how to make a canopy tent at home

Everyone loves a little warm tent at their home. With soft blankets and pillows on the inside and colorful fairy lights on the outside, they serve as an excellent spot for watching a movie with your loved one or playing with your little one. 

Building this cozy setup is always a fun experience, yet not an easy one. 

Getting a readymade canopy tent may seem like a good idea after seeing all the numerous supplies, but let’s be honest, what is the fun in that?

But don’t worry! In this article, I will share two ways of making a canopy tent at home and that too, using the supplies that are readily available in every home. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

But first let’s take a look at all the advantages of having a canopy tent.

How to Make a Canopy Tent at Home (DIY Canopy Tent): Summary

Benefits of a Canopy Tent

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  • They are durable

One benefit of a good canopy tent is that it is incredibly durable. It is constructed from either PVC or aluminum, which are known for their strength. These metals, along with tent weights, render the canopy tent strong enough to withstand heavy rain and storm. Also, these materials are UV-resistant and water-repellent, which fighter increases the longevity of your tent. 

  • They are extremely versatile

The use of customized canopy tents is not limited to just carnivals or shows. Instead, they can be used at various occasions like races, sports competitions, recitals, farmer’s market and promotional parties as well. Therefore, investing in a Canopy Tent ultimately means making significant progress in your business! 

  • They are very budget-friendly

If you are on a tight budget while spending holidays across the world, you must save up as much as you possibly can. Luckily enough, Canopy tents are the perfect way to do that. They are very cheap compared to hotels or restaurants that host parties for you. This price is reduced even more when you rent a tent instead of purchasing it for an unbelievably affordable rate. 

  • They can be customized according to your needs

With Canopy tents, you no longer need to compromise on your business’ marketing opportunity because of limited options. 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a specific colour, size, style or logo on your Canopy Tent because of its high customizability option. 

So now that you have learned about the benefits of a Canopy Tent let’s move on further. Now, I will discuss some ways of making a Canopy Tent. Let’s begin! 

Making an Indoor Canopy Tent

Who does not love a nook in their house where they can relax and read their favorite book? Indeed I do, and a canopy tent makes a perfect hideout for doing all these fun activities. 

So, if you are planning to build a dreamy canopy tent inside your house, this guide is precisely what you need.

Here is what you will need:

  • A large embroidery hoop (the larger, the better)
  • Three packages of sheet or shower curtains
  • A ribbon or yarn spool (or two, if you want your tent to hang longer)
  • Sewing machine
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Screw Hook

How to Make Canopy Tent from an Embroidery Hoop – Step by Step Guide

Once you have all your building tools, it is time to start. To make things easier for the first-timers, I’ve explained the construction process step by step. Let’s go!

1. Decide the place to put the canopy

The first thing to consider before starting with the building of your canopy tent is to decide the ideal spot for it. I recommend choosing a place near a wall or sofa so that your cushions inside have something to lean on. 

2. Get your fabric ready

Fold about 4 inches on your sheet and sew a seam along the edge of the fabric using a sewing machine. 

However, if you use a curtain, you may refrain from this step since they come with a readymade seam.

3. Unhook the embroidery hoop

Unhook the hoop and take the outer part apart. Don’t forget to keep the hardware pieces somewhere safe, or else those tiny screws take no time to get lost.

4. Cover the ends of the hoop using a plastic bag

Before starting with the sliding process, it is essential to cover the ends of the inner hoop with a zip lock bag to prevent the sheet from stucking on its ends. 

Slide the bag on the hoop and tie it on its arm using a rubber band or simply by twisting the ends.

5. Slide your fabric on the hoop

Now, let’s start with the arduous task of sliding big curtains on the hoop. 

Start by putting the seam of the curtain on the inner hoop and slide it along the length of the hoop. The casing seam should face the inside of the loop. 

Repeat the process with all the sheets/curtains, and remove the plastic bag once done.

6. Secure the hoop

Remember the outer hoop you took apart in Step 3? Now, take that hardware and put it over the inner hoop (which is now covered in curtains). Once both the hoops are over each other, fasten the ends tightly using the screws.

Note: Don’t forget to evenly distribute the sheets around the hoop before screwing the two pieces back together.

7. Make a Hanger for your Canopy Tent

Making a canopy tent is of no use if you can fix it to your desired spot. And that is what I will show you in this step: making a suitable hanger for your canopy tent. 

Use scissors to snip three pieces of your yarn or ribbon, each about five feet long. However, the length can vary according to the user’s suitability. If you prefer your tent to hang closer to the ceiling, cut the thread shorter.

Position the strings so that the sheets remain evenly distributed on every side. Now, fold the strings around the hoop in two halves. Convene all their ends at the top and secure it with a knot.

8. Hang the tent onto the ceiling

Hang the knot of your tent on a hook. If you can’t seem to find one, you can easily install one using a drill or by hiring a handyperson.

Spread the sheets to create an entranceway into the tent.

9. Decorate the tent

Now, let’s get to the fun part! Unleash your inner artist and decorate your canopy tent with string lights, paper butterflies, books and the warmest pillows and blankets to give it a welcoming and homely feel.

Making An Outdoor Canopy Tent

These tarp canopy tents are perfect for hosting camping or daytime parties in your backyard. Not only do they protect you from scorching sunlight, but are also cheaper compared to the store bought canopy tents.

So, how to make a lightweight, durable, and sturdy canopy tent for the outdoors? Continue reading to find out.

Here is what you will need:

You might have to run by your local store to get some of these supplies, but let me assure you, the final results will surely make all the hassle worth it.

  • Tarp and grommets 
  • Some tent pegs
  • One 10 feet and Four 8 feet tent poles
  • A Poly or Nylon Rope
  • Drape Cloth

How to Make Canopy Tent from Tarp – Step by Step Guide

Gathered all the supplies? Let’s start building then!

1. Prepare the site of your tent

Where do you intend to build your canopy tent? By the pool? In your backyard? 

Choose your favorite spot and vacate it to create room for the poles. Do ensure that no sharp objects are present as they can damage you or the tarp.

2. Spread the tarp on the ground

3. Attach the poles to the ground to make the tent's corner

Grab the four poles you bought and attach them into the circular grommet of the tarp. You can use a rope to secure them. And Ta-Da! The corners of your canopy tent are ready.

4. Tie down the corners

This is a labor-intensive step so gather all your family members. The more, the better. Each person should carefully lift the poles and hold them still. And then tie and poles using a rope.

5. Secure the poles

Coming towards the hard part, securing the poles can be a little tricky depending on the type of ground it is placed on.

If you are making your canopy tent over plain dirt, then tent stakes are your best bet for securing the poles. Hammer tent stakes at the four corners and pull and tie the rope into those stakes. Repeat the process for all four corners.

However, if you intend on setting your tent up on the concrete, you can use tent weights to secure the tent. These weights are heavy and secures your tent without being pierced into the floor. Also, you can trust these tent weights to hold your canopy tent during heavy winds and storms. 

6. Attaching a center pole

Now, get the longer 10 feet pole and place it in the center of the tarp. Hold the pole upright and have your friend secure the pole to the ground, just like in step 5.

The center pole makes your canopy tent sturdy and provides it with optimum support.

7. Secure the canopy

Want your tent to stand longer and stronger? Then ensure that your poles are secured to the tarp and the ground. 

Tighten the ropes if you feel them getting lose and clean the tarp’s surface of any debris, scrap or water to get a smooth base for your tent.

8. Drape your canopy tent

In this step, simply throw the drape cloth over the framework of your canopy tent.

9. Time to decorate!

This step is optional, but who likes a simple plain tent? Take your paint brushes out and cover your tent with colorful designs. Attach some fairy lights, a welcome sign, and a few board games to make your time inside eventful. 

Wrapping Up

Canopy tents have their own charm and serve as the perfect spot to arrange events or as a gateway from your hectic routine.

And now that you have learned the right way to make a canopy tent, it is time you build one for yourself and your kids. 

If you’re looking for some DIY outdoor canopy tent ideas, we have article here on just that!

Also if you’re looking to just buy a popup canopy tent and skip the whole process of making a canopy tent at home, you can also check out our article here.

Not only is it fun, but the simple steps make the process super easy. 

Happy Building, Everyone!

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