Quictent 10’x 10’ Replacement Parts: Canopy Tent Parts Guide

Published September 10th, 2022 by Allen Campbell

Quictent 10x10 tent replacement parts

Quictent is a company that specializes in camping and outdoor gear. Though they make a variety of tents, one of their most popular items is the canopy tent. If you are the owner of a Quictent canopy tent, it’s important to know how to properly take care of it.

In this article, I will be discussing the replacement parts available for Quictent 10’x10′ canopy tents. It is important to know that whichever replacement parts you need, you can contact directly to Quictent through their customer service email. 

EMAIL: sales@quictents.com

There you need to provide them with your original order number with the part number that you need to replace. Down below are the Quictent 10’x 10’ replacement parts with the Model #’s:

Quictent 10’x 10’ Replacement Parts: Canopy Tent Parts Guide

Roof Cover (29' x 21' Party Tent Wedding Tent, Model#: GM1415)

Roof Cover (29' x 21' Party Tent Wedding Tent, Model# GM1415)

The replacement part roof cover is made of 300g and 200g polyester. The material is PVC-coated and UV protected, making it waterproof and durable. This helps to ensure that the roof cover remains in good condition for longer, protecting the party tent from the elements.

With a quick wipe down from a damp cloth, you can easily clean the roof cover whenever it gets dirty. This is the perfect solution for those with a busy lifestyle and no time to waste on challenging cleaning projects.

Foot Base (10' x 20' Party Tent-White, Model # GM1403W)

The foot base of Quictent new tents is made of powder-coated steel. That means the metal has been treated with a substance that helps to prevent rust and corrosion. Additionally, the powder coating makes the metal more durable, so it can withstand more wear and tear. Plus, the powder coating helps to reflect heat, so your tent will stay cooler in the summer months.

Canopy Top Cover (No-Side 10'x20' EZ Pop-Up Canopy, Model#: YS1205-NS)

Canopy Top Cover (No-Side 10'x20' EZ Pop-Up Canopy, Model# YS1205-NS)_

Canopy top cover is made with 420D polyester with PVC coated. It is 100% waterproof and provides 99% UV protection. It has a double stitched seam which is reinforced with PVC for strength and durability, so it will keep you cool in the summer and dry in the winter. 

Canopy top covers are available in a variety of colors including blue, beige, white, and black.

Sidewall with Window (10' x 30' Party Tent with Netting-White, Model#: GM1402W)

Sidewall with Window (10' x 30' Party Tent with Netting-White, Model# GM1402W) _

The canopy replacement part sidewall with window is made with a durable 120g PE fabric. The canopy is 100% waterproof and features a welded, reinforced seam construction. This canopy is perfect for use as a replacement sidewall for your existing canopy or as an addition to your current setup.

It’s also great for providing privacy and protection from the sun and wind. The Sidewall with a Window is an essential part of your canopy, and it’s important to choose a quality product that will last. 

That’s why the Durable 120g PE fabric and reinforced seams make this canopy replacement part Sidewall with Window the perfect choice for all your canopy needs.

L-Shaped Peg (20' x 14.5' Octagonal Party Tent-White, Model #GM1407)

Foot Base (10' x 20' Party Tent-White, Model # GM1403W) _

Canopy replacement parts are an essential part of any canopy, and the L-Shaped Peg is no exception. This peg is used to secure the legs of the canopy in place, and it is made from durable materials that can withstand wind and weather.

The L-Shaped Peg is easy to install. When installing the peg, be sure to use a level so that the canopy will be properly secured. 

How to Identify Which Parts Need Replacing?

The Quictent canopy tent is a great way to provide shelter for outdoor activities. However, over time the fabric and other parts of the canopy can become worn or damaged. If you’re not sure which parts of your Quictent need replacing, here are some tips to help you out.

First, examine the fabric closely. You’ll need to replace the fabric if you notice any holes or tears. Furthermore, look for indications of damage and deterioration around the seams and corners. If the Quictent is starting to look shabby, it’s probably time for a new one.

Then, inspect the frame. If any of the poles are curved or damaged, they will need to be replaced. Also, look for rust or corrosion on the metal parts of the frame. If the frame is in bad shape, it’s probably best to replace the entire Quictent.

Finally, take a look at the other accessories that come with the Quictent. You will have to replace any of the plastic parts that are cracked or broken. Ropes and cords should also be inspected for damage. If they’re ragged or damaged, they must be replaced as well.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to identify which parts of your Quictent canopy tent need replacing. If you take care of your Quictent, you’ll be able to use and enjoy it for a long time!

Quictent 10’x 10’ Replacement Parts Guide: Bottom Line

Replacement parts are available for the Quictent 10’x10’ canopy tent. The guide provides information on how to identify which parts need replacement and offers suggestions on where to find replacements. You can purchase replacement parts from the Quictent website by just sending an email to them. 

Keep in mind to attach a photo of the destroyed portion so they can replace it correctly. Additionally, you need to provide the model number of your canopy tent and the part that needs replacing. You should receive a response from Quictent within 12 hours.

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