What Size Canopy Tent is Best for 50 Guests? - Ideal Canopy Tent Sizes

Published June 19th, 2022 by Allen Campbell

what size canopy tent is best for 50 guests

Choosing the right size canopy tent is essential for any event. If the tent is too small, guests will be cramped and uncomfortable. If the tent is too large, guests will feel lost in the space. For an event with 50 guests, a 20×20 and 20×30 foot canopy tent is a good option.

This size will provide enough space for guests to move around, while still feeling intimate. Plus, these both sizes canopy tents can be easily set up and taken down, making it a convenient option for any event.

What Size Canopy Tent is Best for 50 Guests? - Ideal Canopy Tent Sizes: Summary

What Size Canopy Tent is Best for 50? Tent Size Varies with Seating Arrangement:

best canopy tent size for 50 is 20x30
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So what size canopy tent is best for 50 guests? Well, if you are choosing a tent, then size is not the only factor that matters. The type of seating arrangement you plan to use will also affect the size of tent you need. So, let’s discuss the type of seating arrangements and how they will impact the size of the tent you choose.

Banquet Seating Style

The Banquet Seating style is simply a large round table with guests facing inwards just like a round dinner table. This type of seating style is typically used in gala dinners, weddings, award nights, and other informal events.

In this way of seating, more conversations and connections can be made between guests since they are all facing each other.

Frame Tents:

  • 50 guests: 20’ x 30’
  • 100 guests: 30’ x 30’ 
  • 150 guests: 30’ x 45’

Pole Tents:

  • 400 guests: 40′ x 120’
  • 533 guests: 40’ x 160’ 
  • 600 guests: 40’ x 180’

Cocktail Setup Style

The cocktail style arrangement is the ideal spot to appreciate a heavenly drink with companions. With high tables and just standing space, you can talk or move without stress over getting captured in one spot.

If you notice the table area that people are eating and drinking at, you will see that each person needs 8 sq ft of space. This way, you can easily host a large number of people without needing an oversized tent.

Frame Tents:

  • 50 guests: 20’ x 20’
  • 100 guests: 20’ x 40’
  • 150 guests: 30’ x 45’ 

Pole Tents:

  • 600 guests: 40′ x 120′
  • 800 guests: 40’ x 160’ 
  • 900 guests: 60’ x 180’

Sit Down Dinner Style

The Sit Down Dinner is one of the most formal and intimate types of dining experiences. It is perfect for weddings, parties or corporate events that require catered cuisine.

This type of arrangement allows caterers to have more space to set up their dishes and pass pre-plated meals for all guests. The round tables usually occupy most of the floor space in a room and every guest needs 12 sq ft. In order to be comfortable, it is important to make sure that you have enough space for this type of event.

Frame Tents:

  • 50 guests: 20’ x 30’
  • 100 guests: 30’ x 45’ 
  • 150 guests: 30’ x 60’

Pole Tents:

  • 320 guests: 40’ x 120’
  • 373 guests: 40’ x 140’  
  • 480 guests: 40’ x 180’ 

Theatre Seating Style

In Theatre seating style, the seats are placed in a row and face the direction that is most convenient for viewing. This type of seating is often used in movie theatres, auditoriums, and lecture halls.

This style of seating is perfect for a large group of people. You can all sit close together and not have to think about tables and this is much more convenient than having to set up many tables.

Frame Tents:

  • 50 guests: 20′ x 20′
  • 100 guests: 20′ x 30′ 
  • 150 guests: 30′ x 30′

Pole Tents:

  • 665 guests: 40′ x 120′
  • 900 guests: 40′ x 160′
  • 1142 guests: 40′ x 200′


What size canopy tent is best for 50 guests? When it comes to hosting a party, the size of the tent is an important consideration and If you’re expecting 50 guests or less, I recommend a 20×20 and 20×30 canopy tent. This will provide plenty of space for your guests to move comfortably. If you have more than 50 guests, consider a larger tent size to accommodate everyone comfortably.

I hope this article has helped give you a better idea of what size tent you need for your next event and the type of seating arrangements that will impact the size of the tent.

Canopy Tents: FAQs

What is canopy used for?

When you are shopping for a commercial grade tent, one of the things you might be wondering is how long it will last.

The good news is that commercial grade tents are built to last. With proper care and storage, a commercial grade tent can easily have a life expectancy of 10-15 years. Of course, this will vary depending on the brand and model of tent you choose. Some higher-end models may even last longer.

So whenever you buy a new tent, be sure to ask about the life expectancy because in that way, you can be sure you are getting a tent that will meet your needs for many years to come.

What should be done if a tent is up and a storm is coming?

If you’re camping and a storm is on the way, there are a few things you can do to prepare – Make sure it’s properly secured. If it’s not already staked down, drive some stakes into the ground and tie the tent to them. This will help keep the tent from being blown away in high winds.

Next, if possible, move your campsite to lower ground. Finally, don’t forget to bring any loose items inside the tent. This includes things like chairs, coolers, and bicycles.

Is it difficult to set up a Canopy tent?

The roofs of canopy tents are usually made from a waterproof and durable fabric such as canvas or polyester. Choosing the right fabric for a tent roof is important because it needs to be able to withstand bad weather conditions and protect the people inside the tent from the elements.

The most common type of fabric used for tent roofs is polyester because it is lightweight, strong, and does not absorb water. However, canvas is also a popular choice because it is more breathable than polyester and often looks nicer.

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