Alvantor Beach Tent Review: Should You Get This Beach Tent?

Published June 4th, 2022 by Allen Campbell

Alvantor beach tent review

Are you thinking of buying an Alvantor Beach Tent for your next camping trip at the beach? Well, you took the right decision to read this review as I’m going to give you a transparent review that will help you to decide whether you should buy this tent or not. 

Alvantor company is known for its fantastic tent production. The company designs excellent camping tents for kids, adults, and whole families. Though Alvantor company designs tents for multiple uses but for beach camping I could only find the two best Alvantro beach tents. These tents are budget-friendly and made with durable material. Comes with other pieces of equipment that support the tent to stay firmly in high wind.

Alvantor Beach Tent Review: Summary

Top 2 Best Alvantor Beach Tents Review

1. Alvantor Beach Tent Coolhut Plus Beach Umbrella

1400+ Reviews

Alvantor Coolhut Beach Tent is overall a perfect choice for a sunny day as it gives you a comfortable shelter. Alvantor’s beach tent sun shelter pops up automatically with the push of a button and sets up in less than 30 seconds. The excellent tent is easy to fold down and portable for carrying in your car or bag no matter where you go. 

The elegant tent is lightweight and windproof which is perfect for casual tent camping at the beach. However, wind higher than 25 mph can create hassle in tent stability. Furthermore, the rear ventilation window allows the sun to enter the tent which makes it difficult to sit opposite the sun. However, you can adjust your tent according to the sun’s direction. 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • 50+ UPF UV protection 
  • Large mesh window for air
  • Pops up automatically
  • Easy to store in luggage


  • Sun comes through the rear vent
  • Only best for two people

Alvantor Beach Tent Coolhut Plus Beach Umbrella: Detailed Review

Setup Process: Automatic pop-up but takedown takes time

Most of the brands claim their tents are easy to set up and take down, but Alvantor’s beach tent showed what it means. The tent only takes 30 seconds to set up and only one person can do this job well. However, if you’re single you’ve to do more effort when taking it down as it’s easy to fold for two persons. 


The mid-range space beach tent has 70 x 53 x 48 inches in size that’s good enough for 4 people (along with two kids). As the company claims it’s large enough, but after using I realized that only two adults can sit or lay down easily. Even a third person can make a disturbance in comfort however, two kids can be settled down. 


Whether you’re camping or just lounging around the house, the Alvantor Beach Tent Coolhut Plus is a versatile tent that can be used for many different purposes. Your investment will remain safe due to the polyester and polyvinyl chloride material.

In addition, the high-quality eco-friendly material will keep you cool and refreshed on hot days at the beach. The tent is designed with polyester fabric that gives it the strength to withstand strong winds while remaining lightweight for easy transportation. If your favorite spot has more wind than usual, use extra sandbags and stakes to hold the tent. The material is not waterproof however, it resists water to inter in the tent. But in a high rain, it might not be the perfect companion. 

Sun Protection and Extra Ventilation

The Alvantor Beach Tent is a great way to beat the heat, stay hydrated and enjoy yourself at an exceptionally affordable price. This pop-up sun shelter has 50+ UPF UV protection as well water-resistant fabric for walls that will keep you cool on even hottest days. Additionally, there is mesh ventilation, which means no more sticky temples from sweat or oil residue on your face when it’s 100 degrees outside. Overall, complete satisfaction from heat. But the only problem I had with the mesh walls, minor sun rays can penetrate the tent. However, they do not get too hot, so you remain cool.

Stays Stable

This pop-up beach shelter from Alvantor provides you with maximum protection from the sun and harsh winds, ensuring that it can withstand winds of up to 25 mph. Additionally, the tent comes with 3 sand pockets, 4 sandbags, and stakes. The following items can all be used when there is mid-range wind outside to help stabilize your tent. Since all items are lightweight, they can be carried easily. However, if it is raining outside, you might not be able to sit under it. High winds and rain can make the tent unstable. 

The frame is sturdy, but it is prone to bending

Besides being stylish and functional, the Alvantor Beach Tent is made of durable fiberglass poles. You can conveniently store the tent or take it with you on all your adventures because of its foldable design. However, if you weren’t careful or used this tent on an uneven surface, the sturdy frame could bend, which wouldn’t look good.

Our Verdict

Overall the tent is safe, easy to set up and takedown, and provides UPF 50+ sun protection. UPF 50+ sun protection means you’ll stay safe from the harmful rays of the sun while enjoying your time at the beach. The great beach umbrella is made from a durable and lightweight fabric that is held up by an easy-to-use pop-up frame. The Alvantor Beach Tent Coolhut Plus provides plenty of space for two people and features an easy-to-use zip closure for quick access. When it’s time to pack up, the Alvantor Beach Tent Coolhut Plus easily folds down into a compact carry bag.

As the company claims it’s easy to take down, but after using it personally I found it pretty hard. The tent is easy to close but it required two people to takedown it easily. Or, if you do it alone, it will take more time and effort. Furthermore, the tent is only for couples or a single person, more than two people are hard to adjust in this tent. So, choose wisely.

2. Alvantor Beach Tent Super Bluecoast Beach Umbrella

1450+ Reviews

Alvantor’s Bluecoast Beach Umbrella is another masterpiece by the company which can accommodate up to 4 people easily. The innovative tent is designed with a durable material that gives you sun and rain protection in any weather condition. The easy setup and windproof manufacturing make this tent a must-have for any outdoor adventure. The spacious interior is perfect for families or groups of friends. Overall, a perfect choice within budget. 


  • Patented auto-opening 
  • Innovative design 
  • Ultraviolet protection 
  • Multiple uses
  • One year limited warranty 


  • Not a waterproof tent 
  • The shelter can damage if not cared for properly

Alvantor Beach Tent Super Bluecoast Beach Umbrella: Detailed Review

Automatic Open

This excellent tent has a patented automatic open sunshade, which is great for keeping you cool in hot weather. The top of this tent has a HUB mechanism that makes pitching and folding it easy by yourself, without having to struggle with complex ropes or clips like other tents do. The innovative tent takes less than 30 seconds to set up however it might take more time to takedown. 

Takedown is easy and a single person can collapse it easily. The patent-pending HUB mechanic system makes this tent super easy to take down and folds in a bag. Even if you are a single person going beach camping, you can do all the jobs done effortlessly.

Fiberglass Frame

According to the company, the frame is made from fiberglass and will not collapse under any circumstances. In my experience, I also felt the frame is very sturdy and durable. However, it may bend under heavy loads. Additionally, you need to be careful when carrying a tent inside a bag; don’t put weight over the bag or that can cause it to bend.

Weather Protection

Alvantor’s Beach Tent has an innovative design that makes beach time enjoyable for friends and family alike. Perfect for mild climates, this outdoor tent can stand up to any kind of weather. The polyester fabric makes this tent heat resistive that gives you 50+ UPF UV protection.  It doesn’t matter if the sun is beating down on your head, this tent will provide you with a cool place to spend the day at the beach. 

Additionally, the tent is a good choice for normal rain, but it is less suitable for heavy rain or thunderstorms. As the fabric is water-resistant, it helps keep debris out, making the area a great place to relax. Even on hot summer afternoons, you won’t have to worry about getting too cold or sticky because of the mesh walls.

Perhaps you are wondering if the Alvantor Beach Tent Super Bluecoast will withstand the strong winds? According to the tent manufacturer, it is windproof up to 25mph. The sturdy material and additional supporting items ensure the tent remains stable and does not sag in one direction. Nevertheless, if there is a strong wind over 25mph then it might not be appropriate, so consider the wind speed where you are planning to camp.

Dimensions (Tent Size)

The tent is spacious and durable enough to accommodate three to four people comfortably. The tent measures 79” x 47” x 53” H size that is big enough to accommodate a small family. The tent can be the ideal accommodation option if you have a small family with two children. Furthermore, you can play games there and sleep comfortably. 

Do you need something lightweight that is easy to carry? The Alvantor Bluecoast tent got you covered. The tent weight is less and you can carry it anywhere in a 5.5” x 5.5” x 39” H bag.  The compact tent weighs only 6.5lbs which is perfect to transport by a single person. As result, if you’re looking for a bag that a 6-year-old kid can carry, don’t look further than this lightweight tent. 

Sandbag and Stakes

Although the tent is durable and firm enough to stay in a normal environment but still for extra support to the tent it needs to tie with stakes and sandbags. Therefore, to make your camping tent more secure, the Alvantor beach tent comes with 3 sand pockets, 4 stakes, and 4 sandbags. All the extra items are durable and give extra strength to withstand heavy wind. 

Although the stakes are sturdy, if you try to push them too hard, they may break. So, if you wish to avoid damaging the stakes, it is recommended that you strike them gently in the sand.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Alvantor Beach Tent Bluecoast is a perfect choice for sun protection. The eco-friendly polyester material keeps it cool and weather-friendly. The elegant umbrella is large enough to provide shelter for you and your family. The compact design makes it more comfortable to throw in the trunk of your car. Furthermore, you’ll love the cool environment it creates on hot days and the fact that it’s easy to set up and takedown. So, there is no way to restrict yourself to choose this tent. However, it might cost you a little more than  Alvantor Beach Tent Coolhut Plus Tent, but its features are worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Can I Take Down the Alvantor Beach Tent?

If the tent was staked into the ground, then simply remove the stakes and sandbags and fold up the tent. If the tent has a patent-pending HUB mechanic system simply pull the pin that holds the tent. Once the tent is folded up, it can be stored in its carrying bag until next time.

What is the Best Budget Beach Tent?

Alvantor Beach Tent Coolhut Plus Tent is the best budget beach tent that comes with some excellent features. The beach tent protects you from the sun and low rain and gives you a weather-friendly environment. The durable material and frame structure make it a perfect choice for heavy wind. While the side-mesh walls keep this tent ventilated in the afternoon. Overall, this budget-friendly beach tent accommodates you with all features that you might find in an expensive beach tent. 

Can I Cook in the Alvantor beach tent?

No, the Alvantor beach tent comes with less space and height that is not preferred for cooking inside. The height of the tent is not too much which restricts you to use any fire with the tent. To keep safety in mind it’s highly recommended to cook outside of the Alvantor beach tent. 

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